Trio meets live, for in-person worship services at the Trio Community Center (111 E Maple Ave, Mora) at 10:00am on Sundays

We have Trio Littles for kids 0-5 available many weeks, a room set aside for parents and kids when we don't, and Trio Kids (K-6) 1-2 times per month.

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Focus On Faith

These are the collected "Focus on Faith" articles that Pastor Kirk Knudsen has written for the Kanabec County Times with a few other posts from Kirk mixed in.

Archives for April 2020

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Immanuel: When Things are Hard, is God Really With Us?

Christmas is a fantastic reminder that Jesus, Immanuel, comes to us, embracing us in our pain by accepting our sin, forgiving us and freeing us. Jesus Christ, Immanuel, is with us if we receive his forgiveness and follow him. His presence, power and grace are sufficient for everything we face....

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Presence Has Power to Move People

In our day, people loath others who are different. Different religions, ethnicities, histories, ages, sexual identities, political leanings, mental capacities and beliefs. As we encounter different or difficult people, we can be present with them as Jesus modeled. Jesus is then present with them through us. We should seek ways to eat with people, to go to their turf and to...

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Whose Voice Are You Listening To?

The God who controls earth, wind and fire is for us. The God who raises the dead is in control of our lives. Therefore, we can take big risks without fear. We can release what is important to us to God’s control. There are many voices that vie for our attention, but only God’s voice matters. Only God can provide food and protection. Only God can provide forgiveness of ...

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The Greatest Gift

Forgiveness is a great gift we can give away. Forgiveness is the best tool we have to show people the love of Jesus every day....

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Is It the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Jesus' presence with us can overcome anxiousness, weakness, and sadness....

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God Sings About You

When we doubt our lovability, our worthiness or life’s meaning, God loudly sings about us. He invites the world to hear him. The one who exacts his will just as he desires sings about you. ...

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Who Will Stop the Rain?

Jesus wants us to seek him to stop the rain, to calm the storms and to clean-up the water that is ruining our lives...

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Anchor Deep in the Hurricanes of Life

In life's hurricanes, God has given us the anchors of peace, hope, and love to weather the storms. ...

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Jesus Offers Us a New Tomorrow

Jesus offers each one of us a new tomorrow. He removes our damaging labels and defeating lies. If anyone is in Christ, he/she is made new (2 Corinthians 5:17). Jesus will remove your labels too; from dirty to daughter, from loathed to loved, from broken to beautiful, from failure to fulfilled, from addict to accepted and from hurt to hopeful. When we seek Jesus in faith, h...

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Today is a Great Day to Love Your Neighbor

“Love your neighbor” isn’t just a Christian cliché, but a command by Jesus to actually meet those around us every day, looking for opportunities to help and serve them....

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Let Forgiveness, Not Failure Define You

Our failure can become our identity. Jesus tells a similar story in Luke 15:11-32 to teach us about fear, failure, and forgiveness. God loves you: period. He offers total forgiveness for all of our failure and sin when we receive Jesus’ offered gift of forgiveness and new life and follow him. In Jesus, our identity is totally forgiven, not total failure. Jesus can fix yo...

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In the City's Prosperity, You Will Find Yours

Churches being integral to community thriving is a great testimony of God’s power, grace and love. Kanabec County Christians and churches partnering with and working alongside of local businesses, government, schools, civic/community organizations and each other can vitally help our city thrive and prosper. When our city prospers, God’s people prosper too. ...

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It Could Be There is More to the Story

It could be that Jesus, God’s own child, came into the world as a baby, among family, in normal, messy circumstances so you might know he understands you and has invited you to be a child of God too. It could be this is the time for you to receive the forgiveness Jesus offers and to embrace life living as a child of God....

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In This Busy Culture, Build Connections

There are three practices Jesus employed that can help us make and grow personal connections: Jesus wasn’t a slave to his schedule. Jesus went towards people others avoided. Jesus intentionally used his daily routines to connect with people....

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When Hunkered Down in a Room, Jesus Meets Us

On Easter Sunday 2020, most churches didn't or couldn't meet as gathered Christians. Most of us were hunkered down in our rooms, actually or proverbially, waiting to see what happens. Before they knew of his resurrection, Jesus’ followers were afraid, hunkered down in a room (John 20:19-23). Uncertainty reigned until Jesus unexpectedly appeared. Today and in the coming d...

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