Sunday Mornings


We hope you decide to join us during our worship times. Right from the beginning, you may notice some differences at Trio Community Church. We hold our church service in a school, not a traditional church building. As you enter Trailview Intermediate School, you’ll be greeted by people who enjoy shaking hands, tossing footballs and welcoming people.

Before the service begins, feel free to get comfortable. If you have children, please consider having them join others their age for time specially catered to them (more on the Trio Kids ministry below).  Enjoy some beverages or snacks at the food table. Browse books and movies at the Trio Library. As you see the count down on the screen getting lower, feel free to find a seat in preparation for the service.

During the service at Trio, we hope you draw nearer to God. We spend time in worship (singing songs), dig deeper into God’s word through a teaching time and periodically take communion together.


Ultimately, we at Trio Community Church pray that you will encounter our loving and authentic God. It is through this Sunday morning service that we are encouraged to live out the gospel in our neighborhoods in a practical way.



trio kids

Here is what you can expect when you arrive with your children for our worship time. As you enter the building you will notice our Information Table in front of you. There will be someone there to greet you, and they will help direct you to our Trio Kids areas. We have two different children’s areas: Infants through preschool and Kindegarten - 6th grade.


DSC_0069.JPGInfants – preschool learn God’s word in many fun interactive ways. You may find us crawling through a tent or toss a ball in a basket to help explore the powerful stories in the Bible. Your child will learn about sharing, obedience, friendship, God’s love and power. During our craft and story time we will use ASL (American Sign Language) to help the child remember God’s Bible truths. Each morning has times of play, singing, Bible story, craft, and snacks!


Kindegarten-6th grade

When your kids come to the Kindergarten - 6th Grade group, they will learn about Jesus through great videos, music, activities, and stories. The videos we use feature crazy characters and storylines that are relevant to the kids' lives. Your child will hear the truth of God's word and learn how to apply it to their lives.


Quotes from some of the kids:

"The videos are sweet"

"I think it is really fun. It makes your day!"

"I like the funny characters in the videos."

"I've learned how everyday people can be Super Heros for God"

"The worship time makes us want to dance"

"I like how the Bible Stories are shared in a creative way"

"It helps remind me to read my Bible"