Mark Stegeman

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Mark Stegeman started as an elder at Trio in 2017 and has been attending Trio regularly for 4 years.  He and his wife Trista have been married to Trista since 2012.  They have three Children, Harper (10), Cooper (8), and Afton (5).  Mark currently runs a private practice that specializes in providing mental health therapy.  He spends most of time with his wife, kids and friends.  Mark enjoys anything sports related, exercising, and eating his wife’s home-cooked meals.

Matt Schultz


Matt Schultz started as an elder in the Fall of 2019.  He and his wife Amy moved back to Mora in 2011 and have been very involved in the ministry at Trio.  They have been married over 20 years and have five children- Abijah, Joah, Zethan, Tirzah, and Mnason.  They have also fostered children in their home.  Matt works as a Family Medicine doctor at Welia Health here in Mora. 

“I have always had a heart for the Mora area and serving this community.  Through my work, I see many broken and desperate people.  God has a plan for each of our lives and my prayer is that through Trio church people will come to know and follow Jesus Christ and live according to His will.”

Jake Olson


Jake joined on as an elder in August of 2022.  He grew up in Mora and cares deeply for the community.  He has been married to Rana for 15+ years.  They are a family of four with their son, Axel and daughter, Mia.  Jake works as a marriage and family therapist here in Mora.  He enjoys cross-country skiing, mountain-biking, ultimate frisbee, and time with his family and friends.